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In honor of the new year,  I'm happily typing my first post about my favorite (and possibly yours too) smurfs.

The first is Pushover Smurf, whom I used to crush on at a young age.  Today as I'm about to turn fifteen,  I still like him. Fictional character crushes never seem to die. Fictional and Crush go hand in hand because they're both not real love.  

I know I'll find my soul mate somedayđź’™

Anyway,  don't you find it pathetic that Pushover only appears in ONE episode out of all nine seasons? It really is shameful for the creators.  

One of the reasons I liked him was because I could relate to him. I am a very shy individual, technically an introvert, and have trouble sometimes. Another was just for his new jersey accent, and his cute, tough persona. 

I really wish he appeared more often,  maybe taking Hefty's place. Maybe the creators didn't include him anymore after this episode because he was getting violent.  Did you see him at the end of his debut episode? He literally smashed Hefty with a wagon of boulders.  

Another possibility as to why they put his character on hiatus is because his story was just finished in 30 minutes...for real. Simple as water in a stream. 

My second favorite smurf is Poet, the hopeless romantic. I liked him for his brains or high intelligence.  Like me, he was shy. Like Pushover, he's a rare and lovable character.  

Loving a background character can be so painful, because it's like trying to get water from a dried cucumber, barely finding a thing including them. 

And when you do find something,  it's worth gold or better.  Pushover and Poet have a facebook. You can check it out if you don't believe me. Unfortunately, one of them hasn't been updated since 2012. They are also mentioned in about two fanfics. You can see them gender bent on if you just type in the search bar, Smurfs Gender Bender.  

You know what rocks about these two combined? They were both voiced by the same guy: Frank Welker! I guess Pushover experienced recarnation by becoming Poet after season 2.



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