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The Secret To Beauty

 All through late elementary school and all of middle school, I had low self-esteem. I was naive,  not knowing I didn't have to have a boyfriend or even friends to feel beautiful. I was really shy, and still am, but getting over it.

Today,  I realized that how others see you is how you see yourself.  I personally believe everyone is beautiful in their own way God wanted them to be. Who cares about those people in the magazines? Go outside that photoshopped reality and live this one. 

Beauty is like pizza.  We come in all shapes, sizes, colors,  etc. Skinny,  curvy,  tall,  short--all beautiful.  Treat flaws as an accessory.  We're only human after all, and just prone to make mistakes. Accept it.

You don't really need compliments or acceptance from others to know your attractive, either. You may be one of many oddballs in this world, but it's the oddballs that change the world in a good way.

Others used to bully me alot just because I was pretty.  I wasn't hurt anymore after learning it's all because of insecurity. It's their problem.  

I never began noticing how ideal I looked until I turned thirteen.  Sometimes,  other girls hate on you because you look great.  With guys,  sometimes,  they pick on you cause they secretly like you! Real experience. 

The true haters want to see you fall to their level,  so don't.  Continue walking tall as you can,  speak loud,  and smile.  After all,  confidence is key. 

The three rules of beauty are:
*act beautiful on the inside 
*remain positive 
*be confident

Remember to take care of yourself.  Part of inner beauty is eating healthy.  Not just the dreadful vegetables, but foods just as fun as junk and still helpful. Too much junk food clogs your thinking,  making you believe the wrong things. 

Stay full on water,  to help it stay it's calmest.  Remaining positive is trying to see the gold in everything. Smile on the bleakest of days, as if the sun was shining on you. 

So never let society tell you your ugly, just because you don't match standards.  Your no robot,  so don't look like one. Your not an alien,  so don't look like one.

Realize right now that all those lies they tell you... is really jealousy. And the fact that your beautiful is true. Stay true to yourself,  by using integrity, telling yourself your beautiful,  and believing it no matter what!

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